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Every day, companies are confronted with insecurity problems.  Our ambition is to bring to your attention, our ability and experience in answer to all your requirements.  Our aim is to focus on our capacity to provide the highest standard of competence.  Indeed, all our staffs are professionals and can certify their experience in similar conditions to those you may
Whatever your reaction - OROPEX guarantees complete confidentiality concerning our approach, because of the potential impact on your activities.
The OROPEX Group assures protection for Individuals and property, all over the world.

To do this we carry out:

  •  Security organization study and advice.
  •  Protection and Surveillance
  •  Training
  •  Technical Assistance
  •  Master Plans
  •  Coordinate specialized staff



August 2015 - Training for Private Maritime Security Company

In the context of its activities for the protection of the ship against the risk of maritime piracy, the OROPEX Group has received as of August 25, 2015 approval n° 126 DGITM of French Ministry of Transportation for Training Certification of Private Maritime Security Officer.