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The Group

Our Activities
Every day, businesses are faced with the problems of insecurity.
The OROPEX Group provides protection and safety in your home and your property in France and abroad.

For this, we realize:

  • Advice, audits
  • Protection and monitoring
  • Training
  • Technical assistance
  • Secure logistics
  • The provision of specialized staff

Our Locations
OROPEX Services proposes the safety of goods and people in favor of corporations, sovereign states, international institutions, the availability of trained personnel.
OROPEX Council, specializes in consulting, technical assistance, training, profit corporations, sovereign states, international institutions and NGOs.
OROPEX Caribbean, Guyana OROPEX specialize in consulting, training in safety and security for enterprises and national institutions. Located in the Caribbean, the agencies involved in the Caribbean.
OROPEX Morocco, Algeria OROPEX offer services such as technical assistance, training and securing of goods and people, profit and institutions, national and foreign companies.
OROPEX SECUMAR, Franco Cameroonian company specializing in consulting, technical assistance, training and securing of goods and people to the benefit of companies, national and international NGOs and institutions working in Central Africa.