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Maritime Security

Maritime Security Services

Due to the persistence of the risks linked to the situation in the Gulf of Aden on the one hand, and to the international context on the other hand, the Ship’s Managers want to protect themselves from the risk factors that can weigh on the activities of the commercial shipping lines between Europe, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean


Concerned with the protection of the ship, as well as the conditions in which the crew fulfils its activities, the Ship’s Managers can have a human preventive system at their disposal, allowing them to:

  • Estimate the ship level of global safety, particularly during the approach phases  of the critical zone
  • Protect the nerve zones of the ship being under way, and if need be, assist the Captain for every question relating to the security on board,
  • Make use of a reliable alert procedure from procedures especially elaborate for this mission
  • Proceed to the continuous analysis of the situation on board, to, if need be, validate the group decision-making process as regards the risk management.
  • Proceed to the intervention at sea, during a suspect craft approach.


The prevention system

Strictly adapted regarding the needs, and can be, if need be, reactivate according to
the ship’s frequency of service,  Progressive in front of the risks and threats instance (international context, local tension, increasing criminal acts ) 

Reactive, in case of incident and/or event, concerning the security of the ship and the
physical integrity of the crew members.


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