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Our aim is to provide an efficient method for our Officers to detect Human presence and react efficiently.
  •  Security Guard
  •  Safety Guard
  •  Ship Security Guard
  •  Port Security Guard
  •  Airport Security Guard
  •  Bodyguard
  •  Fire permit
  •  Handling fire extinguishers
  •  Electrical maintenance permit
  •  Workplace emergency response
  •  Civil Safety and Prevention (First Aid)
  •  Evacuation training


TASER X 26 Operators Training
The electric Taser Gun is not a lethal weapon and designed to avoid all physical contact with aggressive and violent people.  It’s a hand weapon for neutralizing on contact or at a distance.
Training to manipulate the TONFA and Telescopic Defense Baton.
The Tonfa and the Telescopic Defense Baton are a go between being unarmed - and service
Professional Firearm Training
Various types of Firearm Training adapted to those using them.
Training for Public Security
As part of our training, we lecture on the following:
Operation regulation for the Armed Forces.
Peacekeeping Organization
Training and Refresher Courses for Heads of States
Special Unit Training (Police)
Border Control Training


Catalogue des formations 2013 ICI